30"X30" Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Subsonic-Low Speed Wind Tunnel Testing

The FSU subsonic wind tunnel is a 'suck down', open loop wind tunnel. The flow is driven by a 200 HP fan which can exceed 1700 RPM. This allows for the wind tunnel to achieve speeds up to nearly 80 m/s (180 mph) and be operated for extended periods. The wind tunnel is outfitted with a series of screens and other flow conditioning systems which result in a highly uniform flow field with very low turbulence intensities. The open style of the wind tunnel and modular test section walls facilitate the process of installing and working on experimental models.

Particle image Velocimetry(PIV)

A test section that provides full optical access on all four sides allows for detailed studies of flow fields using PIV as well as the use of other optical diagnostics. The wind tunnel has an integrated seeding system, as well as hardware for obtaining Planar, Stereoscopic, and Tomographic PIV measurements.

Force and Balance Measurements

Six component balances allow for the measurement of forces on aerodynamic bodies in the wind tunnel. Accurate force and moment measurements can be made over a wide range of run conditions. With multiple setup configurations available, the facility can accommodate a large range of hardware and measurements

Hotwire / Pressure Surveys and Direct Surface Measurements

The wind tunnel can be outfitted with a three component traverse which allows for detailed surveys of a flow field. Pressure and Hotwire measurements can also be conducted simultaneously with PIV, thus allowing for synchronous, time-resolved flow field data to be acquired. Surface mounted sensors also allow for the measurement of properties such as shear stress as well as unsteady pressures.


Item Specification
Wind Tunnel Suck down, open loop (Fan driven)
Test Section 30" X 30" X 60", Full Optical Access, Interchangeable sections
Velocity Range 1-80 m/s
Turbulence Intensity <0.2%
Run Time Up to 12 hours
  • Lowspeed Wind Tunnel
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnel
  • Hot Jet Facility
  • STOVL Facility
  • Anechoic Wind Tunnel
  • Computational Facilities