Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Figure 1: Layout of the 3x4 in supersonic wind tunnel, (A) Settling Chamber, (B) Transition from circular to rectangular geometry, (C) Changeable nozzle block liners, (D) Test Section, (E) Diffuser.

  • Intermittent blow down style arrangement
  • A range of mach numbers can be run with the current design's ease of nozzle replacement
  • Test section is 4in wide, 3in high, and 12in long, with the side walls and floor made from optical quality glass
  • The roof of the test section is removable for model mounting
  • Operation is handled through a dedicated control room utilizing LabVIEWTM data acquisition program
  • A number of measurement techniques are available for research: Schlieren or Shadowgraph, Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS), Unsteady Pressure Measurements and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Figure 2: Close up view of the test section.

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  • Supersonic Wind Tunnel
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  • STOVL Facility
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